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Jr Conservation Workshop Series



Jr. Conservation Workshop Series
with the South Fayette Conservation Group

Do you know why Miller’s Run is orange? What do wetlands have to do with improving our environment? What is a watershed? What can you do to improve the environment in your own backyard? Are there fossils hidden right beneath our feet?The South Fayette Conservation Group and South Fayette Township library have partnered to host an action-packed 8-day summer adventure exploring our local ecology and geology!

DOWNLOAD THE REGISTRATION FORM HERE and return it to the library or mail it to the SFCG at the address on the bottom of the form.
DOWNLOAD THE FALL WORKSHOP FLYER HERE for a hard copy of the workshop info below. Also available at the library.

Who:  Students entering grades 4 – 7.
When & Where:  The program will be 8 days in length and will include classroom days at the South Fayette Library as well as 4 field trips. Transportation is not provided.
September 10  – Classroom South Fayette Library
515 Millers Run Rd. Morgan, PA 15064
September 17 – Classroom – South Fayette Library
October 15 – Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Meet at Main Entrance off Forbes
4000 Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15213
October 22 – Fossil Cliff
Walker’s Mill Parking Lot Panhandle Trail
Closest Address: 22 Walker’s Mill Rd. 15106
April 8 – Classroom – South Fayette Library
April 22 – Wingfield Pines
Meeting in the parking lot off Mayview Rd.
1541 Mayview Rd. Upper St Clair, PA 15241
April 29 – Classroom – South Fayette Library
May 6 – Wetland
South Fayette Intermediate School
3640 Old Oakdale Rd. McDonald, PA 15057

Fall Workshops – Geology of PA

Why does South Fayette have such a rich history of coal mining, oil and natural gas exploration? It’s all about the geology! During our fall series, we will do activities like rock testing, and learning about fossils! Learn uses for fossil fuels and how past extraction impacted our local creeks. We will even take a walk to neighboring Morgan Park to observe Miller’s run.  During our field trip to Fossils Cliff, we will hike to one of the best local fossil hunting spots around, learn about another local creek, Robinson Run, that and experience how environmental scientists test water quality. We’ll also discover the history and use of fossil fuels. They provide us with electricity, help us heat our homes, and fuel our vehicles, but what is the cost of mining? We’re back in the classroom doing hands on mining activities. Discover how fossil fuels are extracted and how it is important to reclaim the land after mining is complete. What can we all do to conserve our natural resources? Everyone can do their part! And a very special guest, geologist Albert Kollar, will visit us to teach us first-hand what a geologist does and cool facts about rock and fossils!

Spring Workshops – Wetlands & Watersheds

The SFCG has been working on improving our local creeks. Learn about our local watershed, what is being done, and what we can all do to reduce our ecological footprint. We will explore all that wetlands do for us and why they are important using the Enviroscape – an interactive watershed model.  The SF School District is home to the SFCG wetland project which we will visit.  During our hike, we will explore the plants that are unique to wetlands, and see firsthand how important wetlands are not only for wildlife, but in helping us to control pollution and flooding. Be an environmental scientist using chemical water quality tests, and search for creek creatures that help to determine water quality. We will also discover how wetlands help to cleanup abandoned mine drainage (AMD) during our field trip to Wingfield Pines, a wetland reclamation site. At WIngfield, we’ll see firsthand how wetlands remove AMD from entering into Chartiers Creek, test the water quality, and observe how wildlife interacts in this habitat. We’ll dissect a wetland plant, build a  watershed model, play a wetland game, explore uses for AMD & more!