Our Projects

Our current projects include:

  • Fishing Run Stream Sealing Project
    A stream bed surrounding by green trees and vegetationThe Fishing Run Stream Sealing Project is an extension of our previous Fishing Run Restoration/Maude Mine Reclamation Project as well as our Gladden Discharge Passive Treatment System Design Project.While designing the Gladden treatment system, it was noted that the water flow rate at the discharge site was higher than expected post the original Fishing Run Restoration Project.
    Remains of damage and earth disturbance caused by mine subsidenceThe SFCG  in conjunction with Pa DEP BAMR, investigated areas of the Fishing Run stream channel above the original  project site and observed surface flow loss.  Flow loss was also noted in an unnamed tributary in a nearby valley.Geotechnical investigative work should explain whether the water is disappearing into the mine spoil or whether its entering into underground mine structures.  By determining the cause of the flow loss, we will be able to implement the best solution to restore the flow to the surface.  Currently, we plan on restoring approximately 5500 feet of stream channel using Fabriform Liners. Restoring the water flow to the surface in these stream areas will  further reduce the flow and the amount of contaminants at the Gladden Discharge bringing the SFCG one step closer to its ultimate goal of full remediation of the Gladden Discharge which continues to be the primary pollutant of Millers Runs and the Lower Chartiers Creek Watershed.  Permitting documents have been submitted and additional funding has been secured.
  • South Fayette Township Watersheds Visual Assessment
    A stream that has turned orange from abandoned mine discharge
    Volunteers walked the three largest streams located within South Fayette Township collecting data. Data collected included identification of environmental issues, including areas of stream bank erosion, excess sedimentation, Abandoned Mine Discharges (AMD) and impaired watercourse segments.The data collected was compiled into a comprehensive report which will be utilized to identify strategies to preserve and protect the existing natural resources in the township as well as identify areas that require varying levels of remediation to restore these resources to their natural condition. The data will also be used to develop storm water best management practices within the township.


Our past projects include:

  • Fish habitat structures
    Men in hard hats hauling logs to fish habitatThe SFCG in conjunction with SF Township Public Works, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and community volunteers installed eight structures in the clean waters of Millers Run upstream of the Gladden Discharge with $10,000 in funding from the Allegheny County Conservation District’s Clean Water Fund.In addition to creating fish habitats, the structures also provide great stream bank erosion relief.A bright blue stream surrounded by winter treesLogs were precisely placed to direct the flow away from the stream bank.  Root wads were also sometimes used to create deflectors.  18 Hemlock trees and 5 root wads were used in the completion of 8 structures for this project.  Rebar and stone secured the logs in place.  Approximately 120 tons of rock were used over the 3 days that it took to construct the deflectors.  Finally, land disturbed by the construction is properly restored and seeded.


  • Gladden discharge abandoned mine drainage (AMD) reclamation
    The reclamation project included restoration of a number of priority abandoned mine land features including an open mine portal, 1,500 feet of dangerous highwall, and several abandoned and deteriorated coal preparation plant and coal load-out structures. With the support of the PA Department of Environmental Protection, the South Fayette Conservation Group has removed all of the remaining coal mining structures, relocated 1.2 miles of a nearby stream which greatly reduced acid mine drainage into the local watershed, eliminated dangerous highwalls, and buried exposed mine portals.Preliminary post-construction data shows a 30% reduction of pollution entering Millers Run. Final work on the project included planting 4,000 bare root plants along the restored stream channel. Thanks to the work of community volunteers, the Maude Mine project is a model for abandoned mine reclamation statewide.


  • Great PA Cleanup participation
  • Traffic Island beautification program participation
  • Fairview Park Nest Box project